Although you are passionate about trading, you have not yet achieved the success you desire.

There are several reasons for that:

  • Lack of knowledge and experience
  • Misunderstanding market makers behavior
  • Not being a part of a supportive trading community
  • Lack of access to necessary trading tools
  • Poor risk management
  • Overcomplicating strategies
  • Emotional trading and lack of discipline
  • Failure to adapt to changing market conditions

So before risking your money, it is essential that you first learn how to trade correctly.

To ensure that you are learning from the best, it is important to seek out coaches who have a track record of accuracy, have helped students achieve success, have a positive reputation on Trustpilot, and are willing to continue supporting you even after you join their community. Look for coaches who provide real video feedback from members within their community to ensure that you are getting high-quality instruction.





Our team of traders has a proven track record of success, having won funded challenges. To earn these funded challenges, one must possess all the necessary trading skills and qualities. Our proven history and strong strategies have enabled us to educate our traders how to combine fundamentals with technical structure to get an edge in the market. The tools,the knowledge and strong trade executions have given our traders the ability to master the art of trading the impulses and corrections within the structure.

We will provide evidence to support all of our claims, so you can decide if you are ready to join WTW.

We conduct frequent Q&A sessions within our community so our traders stay motivated and by being with like minded people one can achieve greater goals, Don't forget Trading is a lonely business that's why you need to be around traders to stay motivated. We have one of the world's best trading communities.

Now the decision is yours; do you want to continue aimlessly trying to figure out how to trade correctly and potentially wasting your time and money on unsuccessful trades, or are you truly committed to becoming a successful trader by being with like minded disciplined traders from over 160 countries who only trade according to a predetermined strategy, following a clear trading plan and setting a favorable risk to reward ratio??

After testing a variety of theories over the past 12+ years, we have concluded that no single system is capable of consistently producing profitable trades. As a result, we have developed our own unique system that combines wave analysis, Elliott wave theory, price action, market structure, order blocks, levels, and our own research findings. This system is designed to give traders a comprehensive approach to achieving consistent profitability.

To help you make an informed decision about whether our membership is right for you, allow us to provide more information about the benefits of joining WTW. After learning more about our offerings, you can decide if they align with your needs and goals.

Before risking your money, it is important to gain a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Our Masterclass course included in WTW Membership is designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed. It covers our unique wave analysis concept and strategies, as well as our effective money management plan and a strategy for potentially doubling your account with minimal risk in just three trades. If you want to see for yourself whether the WTW Membership is worth it, read through the testimonials from our satisfied members.

In addition to the comprehensive course material, we have also included lesson notes to help you fully understand each chapter. These notes provide a summary of the key points covered in each chapter and are available in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese), and Arabic. This ensures that you can easily access and review the material, no matter what language you speak.

Are you ready to join WTW?

Trading is a lonely business

Trading can be challenging without additional confirmation or guidance, which is why we offer two weekly live sessions as part of our WTW membership.

These sessions, led by one of our coaches (Tee), take place on every Sunday and Wednesday at 1:00 PM UK time and cover a variety of asset classes, including major, minor, and exotic forex pairs, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and any other requests you may have.

The sessions include Q&A segments at the end and are recorded, with the recording made available in your personalized dashboard before 6:00 PM UK time. During the sessions, we also discuss potential trade setups for the week, month, and year.

A global private trading slack community

We believe that it takes a minimum of three months to fully complete the Masterclass course and understand the concepts covered, so we want to ensure that new members have a strong foundation before joining the Slack community and are serious about trading. 

Daily trading room live sessions are conducted by our senior team members and moderators at various times to accommodate traders from around the globe. The schedule for sessions in the London, New York, and Asian time zones will be available within the Slack community. In addition, our mentors and experienced traders will post charts, setups, studies, analysis and updates.

Within our Slack community, you can access the Trade setup channel where our traders post trade setups based on the We Trade Waves concept. These setups are not signals, but rather represent the traders' directional bias based on their analysis using the We Trade Waves concept. To ensure that information is easy to find and organized, we have a separate channel for each asset class.You will gain access to our private Slack community either after your 3rd month of monthly subscription or immediately upon subscribing to a yearly membership. 

Monthly Q&A session in the Trading Room with one of our coaches

If you have completed the WTW Membership course, reviewed the lesson notes, and are practicing but still have questions for our coaches, you can ask during the monthly Q&A session. 

This is a live session with one of our coaches, Alain, in the trading room where we will discuss various charts in detail, examine the bigger picture, provide further insights on patterns and structures, and explore potential trade setups. 

If you are unable to attend the live session, the invitation link and recording will be made available in your dashboard, and you can access previous recordings starting in 2023.

Exclusive trading TIPS to strengthen your psychology and tons of useful links 

Psychology can be a major challenge for traders, and just one tip can sometimes make a big difference in your success.

That's why we include tons of exclusive trading tips in your personalized dashboard to help you strengthen your psychology and improve your trading skills. In addition, we believe that all traders need certain trading tools to enhance their performance, so we also include these in your dashboard:

Market hours
Calculators (Position size calculator)
Online News
Economic Calendar
Live rates
Trusted brokers
Funded challenges info
And many more…

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