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16th - 20th Mar 2020

Below You Will Find The Forex Analysis Of The Rest Of The Pairs
Which Are Not Covered On Our YouTube "Weekly Forex Forecast"...


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Stay Away.


Look for Buy setups.


Looks up next week.


Wait for correction before sell, if no correction stay away.

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Look for sells now.


Any corrections sell it again.


Investment-Good opportunity.


Any corrections sell it again.


More down next week.


Take profit and look for sells now.


Stay away.

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Might break the top and reverse.


Stay away.


Stay away.


Stay away.


Stay away for now-Once market stabilizes it will fall hard.


Stay away.


Look for sells-Small risk until market stabilizes.


Look for sells, it will be a big fall.


Take profits and leave it.


Stay away until Market stabilizes.

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Forex Trading is a risky business, what we are sharing here is only our point of view on what could be the next move in the market and not signals... Trade with care.

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“We Trade Waves” Forex Trading & Wave Analysis and our youtube channel, Forex Trading & Wave Analysis, “One Day, YOU will be exactly where YOU want to be, until then… KEEP LEARNING, KEEP WORKING & KEEP GOING.” If You Want To LEARN/MASTER Forex Trading & “Wave Analysis” check our Forex Course Page: https://wetradewaves.com/forex-course   “Forex Trading” is a risky business, what we are sharing here or on any of our social media platforms is only our point of view on what could be the next move in the forex market and not trade signals... Trade with care.   Weekly FOREX forecast is what we publish every week & more than 25 markets are covered! so if you want to learn more about forex analysis (Forex Trading), this is a great place for you.  FOREX Trading [forex analysis] is a great business and In our experience, the best way to predict the next move in the forex market is by mastering “wave analysis” no matter what is your style of trading (day trading, swing trading…), this is why we trade waves [It’s different from Elliott wave] and we use our own advanced forex strategy. If you want to check our “Forex course” just check our website and go to our forex course page  “Forex trading” concept and a forex strategy are all that you need, we have the same concept as Elliott wave and Dow theory that the forex market moves in waves but we have our own methodology and our own technical analysis techniques. In order to master forex trading and wave analysis, you need coaching and this where our forex trading course kicks in. “Forex Trading” career & make consistent profits out of it is something we can help you with.  YOU must watch our technical analysis on youtube until the end because we always include “forex trading” tips in our weekly forex forecast (weekly outlook) no matter if you do swing trading or day trading...   Wave analysis is all that we do, let me repeat: Wave analysis is all that we do here, check our last forex trading & wave analysis videos to see our accuracy. We provide “forex course” (Forex trading course) and you can check all the details on our website. Weekly forex forecast

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