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Hello everyone, I am Vanesh and I am from Mexico. I found We trade waves around a year back and I started following them. After following them for a few months I was really astonished with their target analysis every week. So, without wasting any further time and capital I have decided to join them…



About 2 years ago I came across the weekly forex forecast which was and still is published on YouTube. I was impressed by the accurate forecast and the way it was explained and presented. I decided to take the course and have never regretted this decision…



Hello everyone, this is Tom, I'd like to give to testimonial for We trade waves program, fantastic educational program, really fine tuned my trading experience, I have been trading for 10 year and have taken many courses, this is by far the best I have ever taken….



My name is Oscar, and I am full time trader right now, i joined We trade waves in 2019 and since then my performance has improved a lot. The content of the course is very good but the most important thing is the community and the support from Alain and Tee, we discuss trading setup, we have trading room and this was my best investment…


Czech Republic

Hello everyone, my name is Peter and I started trading 4 years ago, i was learning things from the books, followed some people on YouTube listen to their advice, their strategies and how do they manage their trades and then I found We Trade Waves….



How we are doing We Trade Waves team, Rob here from US. Shout out to my Slack group members. I want to take this opportunity to thank Alain and Tee to help expand my knowledge & Experience in the market but more so in forex…



Hi everyone, my name is Rajesh. I am from the sultanate of Oman. I have been a part of We trade waves community since 2019, the journey and experience so far has been very good, our mentors Alain and Tee are very helpful, supportive and guide us from time to time. We have regular Q&A sessions…



Hi everyone, this is Naim Chaudary from Dubai. I am a management accountant by Profession. I first came across We trade waves in 2019 to learn the basics of trading, I can tell you that the learning experience has been simply amazing, the mentors Tee and Alain are fabulous and experienced…


United Kingdom

I have been a member of We Trade Waves since June 2019. I joined the group after getting disappointed with other courses which didn’t help with my trading, since joining the group my trading has significantly improved and I have become profitable overall…



Hello everyone, my name is Hiro and I am from Japan. I joined We trade waves about 2 years ago, at that time I wasn't particularly good, it took me some time to master what they teach but with their continues support I have been getting better and better, so if you are serious, I highly recommend you Join us…



Hello traders, my name is Ekiko and I am from Mongolia. I joined We Trade Waves Course and Community back in 2019. I was a very desperate and unsuccessful trader from the beginning but now I feel myself as an independent successful trader since the beginning of 2020. That's all because I was taught how to trade properly…



Hi, I am Dawn, and I am from Singapore. I joined WTW Nov 2020. I am glad that Alain and Tee helped me through my journey of Trading. I really appreciate their Guidance and support despite our time zone differences…



Hello everyone, this is Edward from the We trade waves family checking in from the United States. Little about me, I was blessed to have a youtube Algorithm point me in the direction of Alain’s weekly forex forecasts. I was really impressed with his accuracy so I joined Tee for his Sunday sessions, from there I joined their March course and later upgraded to their June course…



I joined the We Trade Waves group in 2018 June. The trainers are not only teaching the trading techniques, they also share their trading system…



I have been a member of We Trade Waves since the mid of 2020 and my journey has been amazing and I'm glad I made that decision to join. I hope to see you and other traders inside the group…



Hi. My name is Dave, and I am from Melbourne Australia. I joined We Trade Waves 18 months ago after following them on youtube 6 months before that. I wanted to find something that could actually teach me how to trade forex and I totally recommend We trade Waves….



Hi, my name is Chun and I am from Malaysia and I have joined We trade waves since June 2020. After taking the course I have a better understanding of how We trade waves analyze the charts and my account starts growing too. I even passed the FTMO challenge after the course…



Hi Guys, my name is Brigita and I am from Latvia. I joined We Trade Waves around Year ago and I really like their strategy because I can now apply it to my Forex, stock and now Crypto trading which I like it alot compared to the other courses I bought previously….



Hi everyone, my name is Daniejl, I am living in Serbia. I joined the We Trade Waves community in Nov 2020. In the course Alain and Tee teaches us a lot of things, a lot of patterns which we look in the market, they also teach us strategies to enter in the market…

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