Mini Course
Coming April 2022

Are you a serious trader who wants to learn how to trade correctly and wants to become a Successful Trader? Then you are at the right place...

We have seen people losing their money in trading due to lack of knowledge, that‘s why we have decided to educate traders by sharing our experience and knowledge before they lose their hard earned money

Now, in order to learn how to trade correctly and master "We Trade Waves" concept, you need coaching and adequate mentors to guide you all along hence we have formulated special trading courses including our unique strategies which gives you an edge in the market and helps you become an independent successful trader

For the past 4 years, we have been providing our courses and have succeeded in helping traders from more than 160 Countries to become successful. Don't take our words for it, take theirs…


Our mini course will enable you to understand the basics of financial markets and get you started to see market structures clearly before you trade the moves.

Course Content

4th of April 2022
6th of April 2022
Risk, Money and Trade Management (Video)
8th of April 2022
Psychology - Why is it so important? (Video)
9th of April 2022
11th of April 2022
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The best investment you can ever make is to invest in yourself

Mini course FAQ’s

How do I get access to the Live sessions and recordings?

We will send you the live sessions invitation links and recordings to your email address on the dates mentioned above.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge about trading to take We Trade Waves Course?

You don't need any prior knowledge of forex trading in order to take We Trade Waves Course. The Wave Analysis concept is explained and delivered in a format that everyone can understand.

How long does it take to master wave analysis and be an independent successful trader?

Well, that depends on your ability to grasp the concept, commitment and how dedicated you are but on average you might need 6 to 12 months after the course to master the concept.

How long are the videos of all the modules?

Recorded videos length varies from module to module depending on the topic's depth but they will be between 45 to 90 minutes each.

What if I can’t attend live sessions, will they be recorded?

Yes, live sessions will be recorded and can be arranged if you can't attend live.

Can I join the private slack group?

No, for you to subscribe to the private slack group membership you have to upgrade to our Masterclass course.

Can I pay via Wire/Bank transfer or Bitcoin?

Yes, please see below details for payment, 

Wire/Bank transfer 

Beneficiary Name:  We Trade Waves
Bank Name: HSBC
Branch Name: Times Square Branch, Sutton High street.
IBAN / Account Number: GB42HBUK40432682240335
Swift Code: HBUKGB4157V
Address:  London
Postcode: EC1
Sort code: 40-43-26
Account number: 82240335
We Trade Waves Address: Sutton, Surrey, SM2, UK

Bitcoin wallet address: 32M3mqApPbXFALx7afg4qknkB3z6bzHdLYJust make sure to send funds to this address via BTC network only. Funds sent via other networks will be lost.

Please pay £499 (GBP) into the above account/wallet and send us your receipt to once the transfer has gone through and as soon as we receive your payment we will send you the confirmation email.

Is the course fee refundable?

No, "We Trade Waves" offer immediate and unlimited access to our intellectual property and confidential files, once payment is made, we do not offer any kind of refund.

Is there any discount or installments plan?

No, we do not provide discounts but if you are a member of our premium analysis service, your monthly fee will count towards the masterclass course not the mini course.

Can I upgrade to Masterclass courses?

Yes, you can upgrade to only 2022 Masterclass courses by paying the remaining amount. After 2022, you cannot use this credit.

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