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January 13, 2023
WTW Jan Q&A Recording

Hey guys, the recording of the Q&A session has been posted inside the "Monthly Q&A" Tab

January 11, 2023
WTW Jan Q&A LIVE Session

Hey Everyone, a Q&A session will be conducted on Thursday, 12th of Jan at 7:00 PM UK

You can find the zoom invitation link inside the "Monthly Q&A" tab

January 5, 2023
Dear Premium Members,

This is to clarify the new service and to answer some common queries:

1- If you are a premium member paying 37GBP/ Month, nothing will change for you and you will get same services you were getting before for the same monthly fee.

2- You may have received an email requesting to confirm your account and set up a new password. This is because we have migrated your account to a new dashboard.

3- If you decide to upgrade to WTW Membership, you can always upgrade yourself from within your dashbaord or else you can continue with your current 37 GBP Membership. We will not upgrade your membership without your consent.

4- Once you upgrade to WTW Membership i.e £115/m or £1173/year you can no longer downgrade to £37/m.

If you have any other queries do let us know.

January 2, 2023
2x weekly live sessions

The sessions include Q&A segments at the end and are recorded, with the recording made available in your personalized dashboard before 6:00 PM UK time. During the sessions, we also discuss potential trade setups for the week, month, and year.