Please read and accept below WTW Slack Community Rules and Guideline before we add you to Slack

WTW Private Slack Community Rules & Guidelines

03 October 2023

At We Trade Waves, we have only one goal here, to help you become an independent successful trader and if you are already a successful trader, we want to maintain that by helping you become more successful and achieve consistency by maintaining a high quality guidance but at the same time we have implemented some rules and guidelines to maintain the credibility and quality of our community, making it the world’s best trading community.

To achieve the above, we have concluded the following rules for slack

  • All members should join Slack with their names as registered with WTW. Also you can put the name of the country you are from next to your name. I.e. David K - UK, Jason robin - United States(US).
  • The number one rule in the community is "Respect". We have members from more than 180 countries (Different nationalities, ethnicities, political backgrounds and cultures) so please be considerate with what you post and of others.
  • We have channels for each pair group so please share your chart views on the relevant channels for relevant Pairs.
  • Any general question/query related to WTW concepts should be posted in the General channel. TR sessions Zoom links, schedule/reschedule and any new announcements will be posted in the General channel. Avoid posting Charts or analysis in the General Channel. 
  • Please post charts, trading ideas, setups, studies, analysis that are related to We Trade Waves concept only i.e. Waves, patterns, labeling, order blocks, market structures, trends, your expected next move, liquidity, major levels, the next impulse, why are you expecting the market to go in a specific direction. Posting charts that are not related to We Trade Waves concepts are not allowed.
  • Posting charts below 15 minutes time frame are not allowed.
  • We have chosen Seniors and Moderators for this community based on some criteria's i.e. Understanding of We Trade Waves concept, trading skills, ability to help others, honesty, giving back to the community and many other factors, we are monitoring every single member who is participating and bringing value to the community and anyone who will do the same can also be promoted. Seniors and Moderators are part of We Trade Waves Team, you can refer to them if you have any questions regarding the concept and the coaches are also here to help.
  • Participate in Trading Room sessions and inside Slack by sharing your views based on We Trade Waves concept and participate in the Live sessions that will be conducted by Seniors/Moderators on a daily basis, this will be the only way to master the concept faster. Please don’t just join TR and stay silent, by participating actively, you will learn quickly, also it would be nice if you show them some appreciation after they finish the session as this will motivate them and keep them conducting these sessions and answer your questions, remember they are doing these sessions to help you.
  • It is totally OK to post wrong analysis or wrong charts, we are here to help you, so post, ask questions and we will try our best to answer by replying to your message or in the next Trading Room or Q&A session.
  • This is not a place to show off your superior trading skills in front of others by posting frequent winning trades, try to help by posting analysis, setups, studies and after that you can post your winning trades if you want. We will be so happy to see you making profits but before you post your profits, you have to post the analysis first. Posting screenshots from MT4 showing the profits alone without posting the analysis before is not allowed.
  • You all will be using the Free version of Slack, it will allow you to access 10,000 messages posted recently, it's not required to upgrade to the paid version to see the old messages because any important message from the past will either be pinned or reposted again at a later stage.
  • We Trade Waves community is growing rapidly and this community is for all of you to learn, grow, succeed and help each other to understand We Trade Waves concept and make money hence it is also your responsibility to maintain, protect, bring value and make this community stronger and better consistently.
  • private messages are prohibited specially to members that you don't know.

Trading Room (TR) And Daily Live Sessions

  • Download the Zoom app and register a free zoom account.
  • Always use your full name as registered with WTW during Zoom sessions and be on time.
  • Only 2x Weekly and the Monthly LIVE sessions will be recorded and recording will be posted in the General Slack channel once available after every session.
  • Do not share any Zoom link with anyone, it is only for WTW Members.
  • Zoom links of the daily Live sessions that will be conducted by Seniors/Moderators will be posted in the General channel on a daily basis before every session.

Daily Live Sessions Schedule:

Sun: 1:00 PM UK - Tee

Mon: 1:00 PM UK - Chun

Mon: 6:00 PM UK - Kishore

Tue: 2:00 AM UK - Vanesh

Tue: 6:30 PM UK - Rajesh

Wed: 1:00 PM UK - Tee

Thu: 7:30 AM UK - Rajesh

Thu: 6:00 PM UK - Kishore

Fri: 1:00 PM UK - Chun

Fri: 7:00 PM UK - Vanesh

Sat: 1:00 PM UK - Alain on YouTube

You must study the course videos thoroughly and write down notes and bring your questions to Monthly Live Q&A sessions and Daily Live sessions. We don't want you as New Members to believe (Wrongly) that the live sessions will mostly help you bypass the study of course videos, the live sessions are designed to accelerate the mastery of WTW concepts and fast-track your journey to independent successful traders.

Thank you

The We Trade Waves Team

P.S. If you break any of these rules, We Trade Waves reserve the right to suspend your slack membership anytime.

DISCLAIMER: WTW is not a signal service. Instead, it involves sharing our perspective and detailed analysis based on our unique wave analysis concept. We cannot be held responsible for any financial gain or loss that may result from following our analysis.

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