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Welcome To We Trade Waves Monthly Q&A Live session

In this session we will discuss various charts in detail, examine the bigger picture, provide further insights on patterns and structures, explore potential trade setups and answer your questions.

  • The invitation links and recordings for these sessions will be posted inside your dashboard in the relevant section.
  • The schedule for these sessions is updated on a monthly basis, so be sure to check your dashboard regularly to find out when the next Q&A session will be held.
  • The discussed trades setups, along with the relevant charts, can be found in the appropriate section within your dashboard.
  • Please note that these are not signals, but rather directional bias setups.

Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: WTW Membership is not a signal service. Instead, it involves sharing our perspective and detailed analysis based on our unique wave analysis concept. We cannot be held responsible for any financial gain or loss that may result from following our analysis.